Rib Mountain Belief Statement

Rib Mountain Belief Statement

The purpose of our school is to see to it that all our students learn
at high levels, and the future of our students depends on our success.
We must work collaboratively to achieve that purpose,
because it is impossible to accomplish if we work in isolation.
And we must continually assess our effectiveness in achieving our purpose
on the basis of results--tangible evidence that our students are acquiring
the knowledge, skills, and dispositions we feel are essential to their future success."

 Students learn best when they are actively engaged in learning processes
which are an appropriate match to their instructional level.

     A successful student links new information with existing knowledge
and uses a variety of thinking and reasoning strategies.

Exceptional students (Special Ed., LEP, GT, etc.)
need special services and resources to improve learning.

Effective School Leaders, including teacher leaders and administration,
engage in practices that support the ongoing improvement of teaching and
learning performance – allowing adequate time for effective implementation.

Students learn more when provided with a variety of instructional approaches
and a variety of assessments to demonstrate achievement and progress.

Curriculum needs to incorporate a variety of learning activities using
a variety of instructional approaches to accommodate differences in student learning.

 A safe and physically comfortable environment promotes student learning.

Teachers, Administrators, parents and the community
share the responsibility for helping students learn. 

A student’s performance is enhanced by mutual respect among students and staff.